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Delivering up to 5 lpm with high oxygen concentration across all flow rates. 525KS Oxygen Concentrator OXYGEN THERAPY view more Pneumatic Electromechanical Tourniquet Little Pump PNEUMATIC TOURNIQUET view more Eye-Level Weight Display Convenience Digital Scale with Mechanical Height Rods Apex DIGITAL SCALE view more Complete with Saw , Vacuum Cleaner + Tube + Hose Clamp +
Dust Remover Unit + Saw Blade + Tools
Cast Cutter DUST EXTRACTOR view more
The Smart Yet Compact Solution for Dirty Utility Rooms. Topic Bedpan Washer / Disinfector BEDPAN WASHER view more The Smart Yet Compact Solution for Dirty Utility Rooms. 2500A PULSE OXIMETERS view more The World's Easiest To Use Spirometer - No PC Required. ALPHA ALPHA SPIROMETER view more

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Since its incorporation in 1995, Acucare Systems (M) Sdn Bhd has through the years grown from strength to strength. We are backed by a professional team with strong technical and management backgrounds in the marketing and distribution of medical and healthcare systems and equipment.


To be a TOP CLASS performer and the Malaysian Leader in the healthcare industry as such recognized by our customer through EXCELLENCE,PROFESSIONALISMDEDICATION and DETERMINATION.


Our aim is to become the specialized provider in medical care, for private and government hospitals and home healthcare industry.